Centre asks KP to stop ‘movement of mobs’ towards Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Ministry has asked the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take effective measures to stop any movement of organized or armed mobs towards Islamabad, ARY News reported.

Federal Interior Secretary in a letter written to Chief Secretary of KP asking the provincial government to take necessary steps to prevent unlawful congregations within the limits of the province.

The letter citing various intelligence reports said that a selected group of people want to march on to Islamabad on Wednesday from KPK with a declared intention of paralyzing the city and holding the people and government institutions hostage in the capital city.

The letter also said that certain ministers of the province and members of the KPK Assembly intend to lead some of these processions along with their official and personal armed body guards. If it happens it will be a grave violation of law and complete breach of public order since no permission has been given for such processions or protests, the letter said.

The interior ministry letter warned that not discharging the responsibility shall amount to a violation of the constitutional obligation on the part of the government of the province, for which it will be responsible.

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