Nisar rewards policewoman who ‘assaulted’ PTI worker

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has rewarded a female police officer who scuffled with an activist of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf during a youth convention of the party.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Islamabad Police Farzana Begum was awarded Rs. 50,000 and appreciated for her bravery and exemplary professional behaviour,

She had also reportedly received minor injuries when attempting to prevent the PTI activist from slapping another police officer after which both of them were embroiled in a brief scuffle.

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 The Islamabad Police on Thursday stormed a youth convention of the PTI stating that it was had violated Section 144 and arrested scores of workers holding a youth convention.

The PTI had accused Farzana of assaulting their female worker Seemabia Tahir, who had threatened the police officer saying that she is the daughter of an army officer and that they will bear the consequences for attacking an activist.

Farzana has claimed that Seemabia was was trying to hit  a male police officer with a stone when she tried to stop her, but instead she attacked her and received bruises on her face and neck.

Seemabia had denied the incident and said that she was being blamed for assaulting the police officer, which was inciidental and she had instead acted in self-dense.

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