Nat Geo famed ‘Afghan girl’ denies getting fake Pakistani ID

PESHAWAR: Making her first appearance in the court on Friday, the National Geographic’s famed green-eyed ‘Sharbat Gula’ insisted she did not deceptively obtain a Pakistani Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC).


A Pakistani prosecutor, Manzoor Aalam said Sharbat Gulla, during Friday’s court hearing, essentially retracted the confession that investigators say she made after her arrest.

She was detained on Wednesday in the north-western city of Peshawar on charges of holding a fake Pakistani identity card.

Sharbat Gula was an Afghan refugee when she gained worldwide fame in 1984 after war photographer Steve McCurry’s photograph of her, with piercing green eyes, was published on the cover of National Geographic.

The image stared from the magazine cover of National Geographic in June 1985 and remained a mystery for the following 17 years.

McCurry found her again in Afghanistan in 2002.

The famous ‘Afghan girl’ surfaced in Pakistan during the year 2014 but went into hiding when authorities accused her of buying a fake Pakistani identity card.

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