PML-N MNA detained at Lahore Airport

LAHORE: FIA officials stopped a Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) from traveling outside the country, ARY News reported.

Immigration Department of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) stopped the ruling party’s MNA Chaudhry Abid Raza from exit, who was traveling to Turkish capital Istanbul. He was denied travel to abroad after 90 minutes of questioning by the investigation authority.

It should be noted that a court had found Raza guilty of the murder of six people in Gujrat in 1998. Anti Terrorism Court, in 2003, had handed death sentence to the culprits in the case.

However, the PML-N parliamentarian was released on bail following a settlement with the aggrieved party.

Supreme Court of Pakistan later took notice of his release and ordered the Lahore High Court to look into the case. The court had remarked that any criminal, who has terrorism charges against him, could not be released.

The higher court had awarded life sentence to Raza but the culprit escaped from the court premises.

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