Pakistan urges int’l community to take notice of Indian brutalities in IOK


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has once again urged the international community to take notice of Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir, ARY News reported.

Pakistan’ Foreign office spokesman Nafees Zakaria, in a weekly briefing on Friday, said that the country has nearly completed its dossier regarding apprehended Indian spy Kulbushan Yadav which will be given to the concerned authorities at an appropriate time.

He also said that the law enforcement personnel in occupied Kashmir are under the control of the Indian forces adding that over a million Indian soldiers have been deployed in the region.

He said that there is an acute shortage of food and medicines in the region and Kashmiri leaders have been in detention continuously. “The international community should take notice of this,” the spokesman added.

The FO spokesman also said that India is only focusing on diverting the attention of the international community from its atrocities in occupied territory.

“India is violating ceasefires at Line of Control and Working Boundary in order to divert the attention of the world from its brutalities in the occupied Kashmir,” he added.

He also said that Indian politicians are using Pak-India relations to gain political mileage. He stated that the problems have been created at the Line of Control to win votes during Indian elections.

Replying a question he said that National Action Plan (NAP) is being implemented in the country to curb terrorism.

The spokesman on a query said that several members of Haqqani Network have been killed in US drone strikes within Afghanistan. “Such attacks make it clear that where the network is operating from,” he added.

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