Hamza Ali Abbasi to be part of Nov 2 Islamabad lockdown

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has vowed to be part of the November 2 lockdown in Islamabad even it means an end to his career and his fan base.

He took to Facebook to strongly criticise the governance of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said that it has been eight months since the Panama Papers scandal, but still the system cannot punish the man who holds the highest public office in the country and whose corruption is proven with documentary evidence.


He said that we are giving a free license to the powerful people to do whatever they want with zero accountability.

“Even a 100 CPEC projects and countless motorways will not be able to save our country if corruption becomes a norm and an accepted practice,” he said. He questioned how a nation where corruption is not a serious crime standup for Kashmir.

Hamza is staunch supporter of Imran Khan and has also be a part of many rallies and sit-in including the Raiwind March. Hamza also faces possible arrest if he makes his way to Bani Gala to participate in the protest.

Earlier, famous singer Salman Ahmed was arrested outside the residence of Imran Khan in Islamabad but managed to escape.

It is known that the Islamabad police have listed the names of PTI supporters in the entertainment industry who may be arrested if they are part of the protest.


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