Dr. Asim suffers from a paralytic attack

KARACHI: Former Minister for Petroleum and Pakistan People’s Party leader Dr. Asim Hussain suffered a paralytic attack on Friday, ARY News reported.

Doctors conducted an MRI scan and other emergency tests and have recommended complete rest. They have also barred everyone except for his close family members from meeting him.

The doctors say that the paralytic attack was caused by immense mental stress. The family of Hussain and the management of Ziauddin Hospital have prayed for his health.

Dr. Asim is currently under custody on a range of offences including corruption worth Rs.480 billion and terror facilitation case which allege that he provided medical treatment to terrorists at his private hospital,

The Sindh High Court on Friday heard bail application of various leader including Rauf Siddiqui, Anees Qaimkhani and Usman Muazzim but did not issue any decision.

PPP leader Senator Saeed Ghani has said Dr. Asim Hussain is being punished for being the physician of former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari.

In a statement he said that Dr. Asim is being tortured physically and mentally and his health is continuously falling, while the National Accountability Bureau is running a vilification campaign against him.

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