Couple killed on orders of ‘jirga’ in Karachi

KARACHI: A young couple was strangled to death on Thursday on the orders of an illegal ‘jirga’ in Shah Latif Town for marrying on their own freewill.

Asmat and Irfana had married on their own freewill more than a year ago and were living together in Banaras area of Orangi Town. Their family had accused them of bring disrepute, after which the were called to Shah Latif Town on the orders of the jirga.

The Police have arrested six people involved in the murder and implementing the verdict issued by the tribal assembly in Karachi. This includes the brother of Irfana who alleged tied her hands and feet, and her former husband Nizam. The jirga was convened at the house of a man named Abdul Qadir.

According to police official, the couple was buried after the murder. Sindh Inspector General has taken notice of the incident and ordered DIG East for a prompt inquiry report and to taken concrete over the incident.

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