Two Chotu Gang members busted in Karachi


KARACHI: Two members of notorious Chotu Gang  were arrested from Karachi on Monday, ARY News reported.

Sources said the accused, Imran and Nazim Abbas, were arrested from Federal B Area of the megapolis during a raid. They had fled from Rajanpur district of Punjab to Karachi while a joint operation of security personnel along led by Army was underway against the gang in April this year.

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The arrested Chotu Gang members hail from Alipur and Rajanpur.

During the operation in Punjab, soldiers destroyed various hideouts of the Chotu Gang by aerially scoping through helicopters and drones. Members of the gang were forced to leave their posts after the army used artillery to fire upon them.

The Chotu Gang has been notorious for operating in Punjab. The infamous gangs have been involved in acts of robbery, looting, murder and kidnapping.

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The army was called in to clear the area of militants after Punjab police failed to secure the area and apprehend the terrorists.

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