Islamabad: PEMRA carries out raids against devices telecasting Indian content

Indian content

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Election Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) continues its crackdown against illegal Indian Direct To Home (DTH) devices and cable operators telecasting Indian content in the country, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to details, Pemra and customs officials raided several markets in Islamabad and seized DTH, receivers and C-Lines. 4,131 illegal Indian DTHs, Low-noise block downconverters (LNBs) and C-Line receivers during the crackdowns.

Pemra spokesman said that the media regulatory authority is also taking action against 1762 cable operators and seized their equipment.

Meanwhile, regional teams of the media regulatory authority also carried out raids Sialkot, Gujranwala, Mandi Bahauddin and Gujrat.

PEMRA has placed a blanket ban on airing Indian content on television or radio.

The bilateral ties between Pakistan and India have deteriorated after Pakistan raised the issue of Indian atrocities in Kashmir and martyrdom of separatist leader Burhan Wani, at United Nations while India accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism.

The neighboring country had claimed on September 29 that its forces had carried out a surgical strike within Pakistani territory.

Indian film producers association have banned Pakistani actors and technicians, while already completed film starring Pakistani actors, are facing hurdles in release.

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