Yeh Hai Karachi Movement captures creative genius of the city youth

Yeh Hai Karachi

KARACHI: The School of Writing in collaboration with Karachi Youth Initiative has put together Yeh Hai Karachi, a movement featuring photographic works, short documentary films and stories put together by the youth of Karachi.

The program that stretched over a span of twelve weeks, culminates the essence of Karachi, a city known for its beautiful mosques, grandeur churches, distinctive detailed bazaars, continuous fooding spree round the clock, Qingchis and TukTuks, truck art and public buses, festivals throughout the year, remains of pre-colonial era, and its socio-political construct.


Coming from all six districts, 372 students have been involved in capturing and documenting various aspects that contribute to the fierce yet awe-stricken beauty of this city through two cycles of intensive workshops, sessions and photo-walks.

Students that participated in the program came from extremely diverse backgrounds including Lyari, Shah Faisal Colony, Malir, Korangi, Mowach Goth etc. and have built narratives towards the central themes of peace, tolerance and global citizenship. They used artistic expressions to unfold concepts of inter-community harmony, intermingling of myriad cultures and peaceful co-existence of multiple breeds and ethnicities.


Selected works of a total of about 52,000 photographs and a handful of documentaries, extracted out of the program, will be on exhibit at Commune Artist Colony over the weekend.The event features public readings by participants, a photo-walk around prominent tourist spots in the city, a writing corner with planned activities for kids, a panel discussion on ‘Peace, Tolerance, Photography’ and other happenings of literary and artistic rhetoric.


Some will also be on display at parallel spaces like Railway Cantt Station, Civil Hospital, NJV School Courtyard, City Cantt Station and Lady Dufferin Hospital, while others are being featured at public spaces like bus stops, water tank trucks, the KPT Underpass, paan khokhas and other walls of Karachi.



The exhibition ‘Yeh Hai Karachi’ has been designed and curated by The Second Floor (T2F).

About The School of Writing:

The School of Writing (TSW), established in 2010 in Karachi, is a unique institution through which literacy, specifically writing is being promoted. TSW offers a comprehensive range of products and services to address both general and specific writing needs of students, professionals and organizations. TSW collaborates with Andover Bread Loaf Writing Workshop Massachusetts, USA.

In recent years, TSW has redefined itself and taken inspiration from various other art genres. Programs and workshops that integrate art genres such as photography, film, fine arts and music are being developed by TSW and rolled out on a regular basis. Yeh Hai Karachi is one of the signature programs of TSW.

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