Pakistan not in favour of any arms race in South Asia, says Tehmina Janjua

UNITED NATIONS: Pointing fingers towards India, Pakistan on Friday voiced concerns over the growing accumulation of conventional armaments in unpredictable regions like South Asia, suggesting it would fuel insecurity and jeopardizing in the fine regional balance.

“South Asia is a sensitive region where one state’s military spending grossly and vastly out-shadows all others,” Tehmina Janjua, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva told the General Assembly’s Disarmament and International Security Committee on Thursday.

“We remain concerned over the growing transfers of conventional armaments especially in volatile regions that are inconsistent with the imperatives of maintaining peace, security and stability,” Ambassador Janjua said during a debate on conventional weapons.

“The policy of dual standards towards South Asia, based on narrow strategic, political and commercial considerations, must be eschewed,” the Pakistani envoy said.

Pakistan, Ambassador Janjua added, was committed to creating strategic stability in South Asia. “It (Pakistan) neither wants, nor is it engaged in an arms race in the region.

She said efforts to get rid of nuclear weapons must not give way to an unfeasible imbalance of conventional like those who triggered two world wars.

Janjua informed the committee that expenditure on such arms had crossed a staggering amount of $1.7 trillion, adding the entire financial plan of the UN was around three per cent of world’s military expenditures and that 33 times extra money was being spent on fuelling and exacerbating conflicts than on preventing them.

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