Kamal’s governance was unimpressive: Governor Sindh drops hint

KARACHI: Without mentioning his name or levelling any straight accusation, the Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ibad on Wednesday said the city government in Karachi headed by Mustafa Kamal as mayor performed well below par.

Surprisingly, during an event in Karachi, the governor sounded more convinced with the development works Karachi saw during the tenure of senior member of Jamaat-e-Islam (JI) Naimatullah Khan as mayor.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Ibad said the JI leader played a key role because of which Karachi progressed satisfactorily as compared to his successors.

He was of the view the city government after Khan could not keep up with the JI leader’s work pace and said, “Those people who could not complete development projects during 2008, were incompetent of doing so.”

The governor said Sindh government would not spare anyone involved in disrupting peace in the city.

He said those who killed scores of innocent people in the Baldia factory fire incident or were involved in china-cuttings in Karachi, would not be allowed to hide behind a political cover and added that soon he would come up with shocking revelations about sacred faced of the country, particularly in Karachi.

Going a step further, Dr Ibad asked the Director General Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) Major General Bilal Akbar and Inspector General (IG) Sindh AD Khawaja to hang everyone, who commits a crime.

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