Imran says march against PM must to ‘save Pakistan’

ISLAMABAD: PTI chairman Imran Khan says march against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is inevitable to save Pakistan (from menace of corruption), ARY News reported.

Speaking to media outside his Bani Gala residence in Islamabad, Khan said those fearing to face corruption probe will side with Nawaz Sharif when the protest march days approach near.

He reiterated his accusation that the PML-N rigged 2013 elections in connivance with the election commission.

PML-N to sweep Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2018 elections: PM

 He expressed surprise over accumulation of huge wealth by PM’s son Hassan Nawaz and asked ‘what formula exactly he had that earned him billions in just seven years.”

Khan insisted that PM had been caught for corruption red-handed, he should be held accountable first.

“People won’t forget Panama Papers scandal if the PM continues to inaugurate roads,” added the PTI chief.

He underlined that PTI don’t have objections to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, but its routes. “The parties who want corruption to end in Pakistan will support us.”

He reiterated that Pakistan will witness the biggest ever ‘ocean of masses’ on November 2.

In his hard-hitting speech yesterday, PM pointed to his detractors without naming anyone, saying “you have wasted the entire time in perching on containers and dancing.”

“The way they are working, they will lose Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well. PML-N will emerge victorious in the KP in 2018 elections.”

In KP, he said, government is being run by someone else and development is being carried out by the PML-N.

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