Yum food slopes down at Britain’s first Roller-Coaster Restaurant

A restaurant at Alton Towers adds excitement to fast food because every meal travels to diners via a 400 metres roller-coaster.The restaurant opened earlier this year at the resort.


This the first ever Roller-coaster Restaurant in the United Kingdom that enables food-lovers to watch their meals tackle two gravity-defying loop-the-loops, before finally dropping some eight metres down to their tables.


Chefs at the restaurant place each dish is placed at the top of the ride that travels a whopping 400 metres, at speeds faster than Mo Farah when he won his Olympic Gold medal.

Food has been tested extensively in order to check they can withstand the force.

The restaurant also offers a premium dining experience for guests staying at the on-site hotels in the evening.


“The new Rollercoaster Restaurant will offer guests a unique dining experience that they can’t find anywhere else in the UK,” Gill Riley at Alton Towers.

“The intricate network of loops and spiralling tracks is an incredible spectacle and we feel that the new restaurant is an attraction in itself.”


“Each diner will enjoy a full 360 dining experience at one of the 13 tables and will get to select from the brand new menu of family favourites – including the Big Bowl of Lemon Meringue Mess!”

“We’re looking forward to welcoming guests in 2016 and we believe that the new restaurant will be a top attraction for both theme park guests and those staying with us as part of a short break.”


Enjoy the video.


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