‘Pak-China Friendship’ car rally departed for Lahore

ISLAMABAD: The Pak-China Friendship car rally departed for Lahore on Monday after witnessing two days of colourful cultural activities in the federal capital.

Just two days ago, the participants of the Pak-China Friendship car rally entered Pakistan from the Xinjiang region of China through Khunjerab Pass.

The participants of the rally received a warm welcome upon their arrival in the capital on a short visit.

The Jeep association of Islamabad arranged a rally for the participants, which was later followed by a cultural show at the same venue. The rally later visited the Pakistan Monument.

The rally, comprising of 20 cars and 52 people, was being led by Mr Lee and would go through all corners of Pakistan including Punjab, Sindh and Gwadar before finally entering into Iran and later the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the days to come.

The rally aims to highlight the importance of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Silk Route while passing through the main cities of the country.

The current year also marks the 65th anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties. Therefore, the car rally has been given the title of “Walking in China-Pakistan friendship”.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the organisers and participants of this event,” said Ambassador of China, Sun Weidong and added that the participants of the rally were actually representing the spirit and closeness of China-Pakistan friendship.

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