Mustafa Kamal is an ‘unguided missile’: Ishrat

KARACHI: Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad Khan on Monday responded to crticism from Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) leader Mustafa Kamal by saying that the latter is under severe mental stress and is only venting his frustration, ARY News reported.

According to ARY News reporter Rafay Hussain, Ishrat replied to Kamal’s bitter criticism by saying that the PSP leader is mentally unstable.

Ibad also termed the former Karachi mayor ‘an unguided missile’.

Earlier in the day, Mustafa Kamal accused Governor Sindh of indulging in huge corruption and demanded his immediate arrest “to steer the province out of crisis”.

Kamal, in his diatribe, went on to claim that Dr. Ishratul Ibad is commonly popular among some people as “Rishwatul Ibad” for demanding bribes.

He also accused the governor of creating an impression that PSP was backed by the establishment.

The ex-Karachi mayor alleged that Dr. Ishratul Ibad misled many people who wanted to join PSP, just because the party refused to take his dictations and accept him as leader. “It’s governor’s narrative given to media and our followers that PSP is enjoying the support of the establishment,” said Kamal while talking to reporters in Karachi.

“It’s the need of the hour to place governor’s name on ECL,” said Ibad.

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