Watch Swiss tourists freely moving in Hunza Valley

PASU: When one explores sanctums of Pakistan it turns out that we really live in a wonderland. After watching stunning beauty of Pakistan and treatment of its people, foreign travelers cannot help themselves from vociferously praising them.

A group of Swiss tourists in their recent visit to Pakistan has proclaimed Pakistan a peaceful country.

After the group entered Pakistan on jeep, one of the tourists wearing blue trek suit and a baseball cap with sun glasses perched on it said: “We have just entered Pakistan. I am often asked why do I want to visit Pakistan. In contrary to what the press says and what we read, Pakistan has been a peaceful place.”

He said: “The people have been kind to us. They open their arms and hearts for us. And people with very little (belongings) gave us all they had. That’s what makes Pakistan an interesting place to visit. People make it worth it.”

The tourists are seen, in the clip shared by film star Shaan Shahid on his social media, interacting and roaming independently among the local people of Hunza valley without any security and sense of danger.

Another tourist from the group while sharing his thoughts about Pakistan and its people in Swiss language said: “Chaotic but full of life. This is how these people are like. We are really happy here and do not feel any danger.”

“Now we are sitting in the heart of Pakistan,” one of them said while the movie clip moves on towards end.

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