Colorful Kalash Festival ‘Phool’ concludes in Chitral

Chitral: The annual colourful two-day Kalash phool festival came to a curtain call on Saturday.

The people of Kalash celebrated the festival with high spirits and zeal. The festival marks the reaping of grapes & walnuts harvests.


The people sing songs in the local language and perform traditional dances throughout the two-day festival.


Tourists from across the country flock to the region to celebrate the phool festival. A tourist, who had reached Kalash from Lahore to see the festival, said that he fully enjoyed the activities.


In the two-day event, elderly women wear traditional caps decorated with flowers whereas men and youngsters fully take part in the celebrations.


Former deputy nazim Khursheed sauid that he was optimistic that more tourists will come to the region to witness the festivities after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced to repair the roads in Kalash.

He added that dilapidated roads are the biggest problems in the region.

The people from all over Pakistan come to Kalash to witness the phool festival. However, tourists are often seen criticizing the roads on which they have to travel.

Tourists from all over the world will get the chance to witness the festivities if the government addresses the problems being faced by the people living in the region.


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