‘The Splinternet of Things: Realit-e Bytes’: Interactive session discusses real-time tech impact on society

KARACHI: Computer World Coffee Cup hosted a tri-city session with industry representatives across Islamabad, Karachi and then Lahore, exploring the theme, “The Splinternet of Things: Realit-e Bytes”, and discussing technology and its real time impact on society as a whole.

According to a statement, these content-rich sessions engaged all stakeholders including people from the public and private sector, digital evangelists, ICT industry, academia, startup ecosystem, online service providers and e-commerce community, non-profits as well as the enterprise.

Salaina Haroon, Regional Managing Director and Editor at the IDG Business Units – Pakistan, Afghanistan & Tajikistan commented on the series:

“Discussions like these are pertinent in understanding our local communities from different perspectives, how each of these diverse sectors contribute to the growth towards a digital Pakistan. We want to explore and debate on where technology is taking our society and where we should actually be going.”


“With everything apparently going smart, 3G and the proliferation of bandwidth the talks of a digital Pakistan have taken more speed. With the broader landscape of geo-political changes, economic enervation, a fastidious startup culture and the generic pervasion of technology in everything we do, is the Internet of Things going to really change Pakistan’s future? How much of the trillions of monies out there will actually engage with our citizens, a.k.a. netizens.”

Islamabad Session was also attended by people from the telecom, ICT industry, startups ecosystem and public sector including names like Dr. Shahid Mahmud – Interactive Group, Parvez Iftikhar, Nadeem Malik – Microsoft, Khuram Rahat – Teradata, Ex-Minister AJK – Farzana Yaqoob, Imran Janjua – PTCL, Adnan Faisal – NUST TIC, Omer Zabit- Careem, Rahat Yasmeen – US Embassy – Pakistan and organizations including Code for Pakistan, OPEN, among others.


The Karachi session saw a great mix of technology and digital evangelists including names like Humayun Bashir (ex-IBM), Mir Nasir – Inbox Biz, Tina Wang – Jovago, Shoaib Shamsi – Kueball/BY Ventures, Mehdi Hasnain – Tohfay, Adnan Waheed – Mobilink, Asif Jafri – E-Ocean, FoodPanda, and some startups including Super Savaree, UrduBit, Sukoon, among others.

The Lahore session, which was the third of the series, was hosted in collaboration with PlanX, technology accelerator of the Punjab IT Board.

The last leg hosted tech veterans including Ayub Ghauri – NetSol Technologies, Zafar Khan – Sofizar, Qaiser Ansari, Tariq Ahmed Shaikh – LUMS, Abdul Rehman – Orient, Zeeshan Anwar – OLX, Systems Limited, Dr. Ghalib & Farhan Riaz from KICS incubator and IoT Lab, Javaria Najeeb – Crescent Group/Cresventures & TiE Lahore, ITACEC, and a few startups venturing into the IoT space including Smart Devices and Car Chabi.



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